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Advanced Manufacturing

Creating the factories of the future that deliver products at speed with agility to adapt to rapidly changing market needs, backed by a highly responsive and resilient supply chain, while uplifting workforce productivity & safety and upgrading overall environmental sustainability.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Technology and product innovation infrastructure from industrial robotics & automation, machine vision & optoelectronics to industrial design & rapid fabrication, overlays deep technical support in rapid electronics prototyping, advanced computing, and industrial product design.

Innovation Domains

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Technology Labs

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Industrial Design & DigiFab

Design and manufacturing workflow is performed where digital data directly drives manufacturing equipment to form various part geometries

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Design Test & Measurement

To design and test the function of electronic system with the aid of measurements

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Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is carried out enabling the creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems by adding material in a layeric pattern

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Industrial Internet of Things

A virtually connected network of physical devices, such as lab equipment and instruments which handles the Industrial Information

Electronic Design and Prototyping.jpg

Electronic Prototyping

A Place where combination of hardware and software design is implied to integrate practical electronics applications and product design

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Extended Reality

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Laboratory (VR/AR/MR) In response to the emergent fields of spatial computing and immersive environments

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Our Partners

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