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Robotics Lab

Characterization, applied design, operation and troubleshooting of modern robotics used in the process and industry

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Equipment Clusters


Six-axis robot arm capable of swapping multiple end effectors for industrial training/operations.

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Robotics Controllers

Advanced robotics controller module contain reconfigurable ports for input and output functions, built in communication ports for various protocols and sensor

Robotics Building Kits

Robotics Building system that can be interfaced with robotic controller for sequential functional operation

List of Equipments

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Industrial motion Control Setup

• 400 Watts Servo Motor – 1 No.
• Servo Drive – 400 Watts – 1 No.
• Motion Controller with Accessories

Advanced Robotics controller - roboRIO

Adavnced robotics controller module should contain reconfiguarable ports for input and output functions, built in communication ports for various protocols and sensors. It should also provide accessories for building a robot

Robotics Controllers
Robotics Building system - TRTRIX PITSCO Rpboticsd kit

Gamepad-style, four-channel wireless controller
R/C motor controller and mounting kit
670+ building elements
Structural, motion, and hardware elements including a variety of wheels, gears, channels, flats, and connectors
Two TorqueNADO motors, motor cables, and two 180-degree standard-scale servo motors
Rechargeable battery pack and charger
On/off switch and assembly tools
Sturdy storage bin, lid, and sorting tray
Printed builder’s guide – a robust teacher’s resource packed with instructions for building three models, safety information, resources, activities, and more

Robotics Building Kits
MOTOMAN ROBOT MODEL GP 12 with GP12 Manipulator

• 12KG Payload
• GP12 Manipulator
• YRC 1000 Controller
• Touch screen Programming Pendent
with 8m cable
• Robot Cable 4m

Robot System with Industrial Setup Conveyor & Handling Table setup with Motor

• Conveyor with accessories
• Modular belt
• Conveyor Sprockets
• Motor with gearbox
• Conveyor Guide
• Fasteners and Accessories
• Machining and Fabrication

List of Equipments

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