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A one-stop-hub for full spectrum deep/digital tech industrial innovations

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Why Forge.Labs?

Forge.Labs brings together comprehensively technology infrastructure, technical expertise, and product innovation resources to accelerate the realisation of deep/digital tech solutions for industrial applications.

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Innovation CoEs

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Advanced Manufacturing

Technology and product innovation infrastructure from industrial robotics & automation, machine vision & optoelectronics to industrial design & rapid fabrication, overlays deep technical support in rapid electronics prototyping, advanced computing, and industrial product design.

Technology Labs

State-of-the-art rapid prototyping [Innovation] Labs

A comprehensive suite of equipment, resources, and tech expertise offered to startups for realising production-ready designs of industrial-grade solutions by reducing time-to-MVP, lowering costs, eliminating dependencies & delays, and mitigating technical risks.

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On-Demand Lab Access & Product Innovation Services

A pay-as-you-use model for accessing the infra, resources, and services of an industrial-grade product innovation lab suiting the speed, scope, budget, and time of each and every innovator/startup. Plus the upside of grants, incubation, market access and lots more!

Day Plan

[12 hours a day]

Weekend Plan

[10 days a month]

Week Plan

[6 days week]

Month Plan

[30 days a month]

Our Services

360 degree services to help innovators (individuals & teams) and startups accelerate towards pilot and  production ready MVPs of hardware/industrial product innovations

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Our Partners

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